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What is Glosseta?

Glosseta is an open, decentralized Web3 (i.e. the new internet backed by blockchains) glossary for protocols, terms, people, applications, and more. Glosseta aims to be the long term companion of anyone looking to demystifying the Web3 space and ecosystem with the north-star vision of being the best open, localized and decentralized educational platform for anybody of any skill level.

Mission Statement

Glossetas' mission is to provide the best open, localized and decentralized educational platform for anybody of any skill level looking to learn about Web3. We strive to provide the most accurate, accessible and meaningful content for learning about the concepts, protocols, people and applications surrounding Web3 and its ecosystem. All of the content available through Glosseta is stored on the Arweave storage protocol ensuring our educational content will live forever and unobstructed by those trying to censor education as a public good. The current landscape of the Web3 education space is very developer centric and doesn't do justice for the average person who's looking to learn the ecosystem and simply doesn't know where to start. At its core, Glosseta is on a mission to make a Web3 educational platform as a public good for the entire globe who at this time is feed misinformation from varying online sources, influential figures and mainstream media. While we might begin as a glossary, the north star vision is to become the prominent open, localized and decentralized educational platform for those looking to onboard into the Web3 space. If Web3 is to succeed, the educational content around it must be globally accessible, un-censorable and digestible to everyone.

What Success looks like

If Glosseta is successful in its mission, people all over the globe will have an open, localized, decentralized and accessible educational platform available to guide them on their way to learning and mastering Web3. Every participant in the Web3 space, new or existing, regardless of skill level, will have a common companion to lean on to make sense of the fast moving landscape of Web3.

To the Stakeholders

If you contribute to Glosseta, our mission is to be able to have you look back at the work you've done and realize the impact it has made on a global level changing the perceptions of those who thought Web3 was only about `magic internet money` or ponzi schemes. To the potential sponsors and donors of Glosseta, the impact your contributions can make will reach a global audience helping to reduce the misinformation spread about Web3 and enabling the next wave of curious minds the best opportunity to flourish on their transition into the space.

Forward looking

To stick to its core values, Glosseta must always remain a public good and it's content always served from an open and decentralized source. We will always strive to provide the best educational content available to all our users to ensure the community is the best equipped to demystify Web3. We move forward with a bias for action and look to improve ourselves, along with the platform, using a growth mindset. All contributors looking to help Glosseta grow can expect to have their voices heard, be treated with respect and be a central part in its development. Not only will we be able to help others learn new and exciting Web3 concepts, we ourselves will grow to become that much more knowledgeable in the space and come to know when somebody is spreading misinformation. Education should be a human right and Glosseta is here to help make that a reality